Commit 397757ff authored by Ralph Giles's avatar Ralph Giles

Gettextize some strings that were missed in the theora commit.

svn path=/trunk/vorbis-tools/; revision=9498
parent b70b3a1b
...@@ -355,31 +355,31 @@ static void theora_process(stream_processor *stream, ogg_page *page) ...@@ -355,31 +355,31 @@ static void theora_process(stream_processor *stream, ogg_page *page)
float frameaspect = (float)inf->ti.frame_width/(float)inf->ti.frame_height * (float)inf->ti.aspect_numerator/(float)inf->ti.aspect_denominator; float frameaspect = (float)inf->ti.frame_width/(float)inf->ti.frame_height * (float)inf->ti.aspect_numerator/(float)inf->ti.aspect_denominator;
info(_("Pixel aspect ratio %d:%d (1:%f)\n"), inf->ti.aspect_numerator, inf->ti.aspect_denominator, (float)inf->ti.aspect_numerator/(float)inf->ti.aspect_denominator); info(_("Pixel aspect ratio %d:%d (1:%f)\n"), inf->ti.aspect_numerator, inf->ti.aspect_denominator, (float)inf->ti.aspect_numerator/(float)inf->ti.aspect_denominator);
if(abs(frameaspect - 4.0/3.0) < 0.02) if(abs(frameaspect - 4.0/3.0) < 0.02)
info("Frame aspect 4:3\n"); info(_("Frame aspect 4:3\n"));
else if(abs(frameaspect - 16.0/9.0) < 0.02) else if(abs(frameaspect - 16.0/9.0) < 0.02)
info("Frame aspect 16:9\n"); info(_("Frame aspect 16:9\n"));
else else
info("Frame aspect 1:%d\n", frameaspect); info(_("Frame aspect 1:%d\n"), frameaspect);
} }
if(inf->ti.colorspace == OC_CS_ITU_REC_470M) if(inf->ti.colorspace == OC_CS_ITU_REC_470M)
info("Colourspace: Rec. ITU-R BT.470-6 System M (NTSC)\n"); info(_("Colourspace: Rec. ITU-R BT.470-6 System M (NTSC)\n"));
else if(inf->ti.colorspace == OC_CS_ITU_REC_470BG) else if(inf->ti.colorspace == OC_CS_ITU_REC_470BG)
info("Colourspace: Rec. ITU-R BT.470-6 Systems B and G (PAL)\n"); info(_("Colourspace: Rec. ITU-R BT.470-6 Systems B and G (PAL)\n"));
else else
info("Colourspace unspecified\n"); info(_("Colourspace unspecified\n"));
if(inf->ti.pixelformat == OC_PF_420) if(inf->ti.pixelformat == OC_PF_420)
info("Pixel format 4:2:0\n"); info(_("Pixel format 4:2:0\n"));
else if(inf->ti.pixelformat == OC_PF_422) else if(inf->ti.pixelformat == OC_PF_422)
info("Pixel format 4:2:2\n"); info(_("Pixel format 4:2:2\n"));
else if(inf->ti.pixelformat == OC_PF_444) else if(inf->ti.pixelformat == OC_PF_444)
info("Pixel format 4:4:4\n"); info(_("Pixel format 4:4:4\n"));
else else
warn("Pixel format invalid\n"); warn(_("Pixel format invalid\n"));
info("Target bitrate: %d kbps\n", inf->ti.target_bitrate/1000); info(_("Target bitrate: %d kbps\n"), inf->ti.target_bitrate/1000);
info("Nominal quality setting (0-63): %d\n", inf->ti.quality); info(_("Nominal quality setting (0-63): %d\n"), inf->ti.quality);
if(inf->tc.comments > 0) if(inf->tc.comments > 0)
info(_("User comments section follows...\n")); info(_("User comments section follows...\n"));
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