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Replacement manpage for new ogginfo. Fairly brief.

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.\" Process this file with
.\" groff -man -Tascii ogginfo.1
.TH ogginfo 1 "July 8, 2001" "" "Vorbis Tools"
.TH ogginfo 1 "July 10, 2002" "" "Vorbis Tools"
ogginfo \- gives information about Ogg files.
ogginfo \- gives information about Ogg files, and does extensive validity checking
.B ogginfo
.B -q
] [
.B -v
] [
.B -h
.I file1.ogg
.B ...
.I fileN.ogg
.B ogginfo
reads one or more Ogg files and decodes the comments contained within, writing
them to standard output, in a "attribute=value" format, one per line.
The first attribute printed will always be the
.B filename
of the stream.
.B ogginfo
cannot accept URLs.
reads one or more Ogg files and prints information about stream contents
(including chained and/or multiplexed streams) to standard output. It will
detect (but not correct) a wide range of common defects, with many
additional checks specifically for Ogg Vorbis streams.
In addition to the comments,
For all stream types
.B ogginfo
will also print the following attributes for each logical bitstream within the file:
.IP serial
The serial number of the logical bitstream.
.IP header_integrity
"pass" if the header is intact, and "fail" if it is corrupted.
.IP stream_integrity
"pass" if the stream contains no bad packets or holes (not counting the last
packet), and "fail" otherwise.
.IP stream_truncated
"true" if the last good packet in the stream is not marked as the last packet
and "false" if the stream is complete.
.IP vendor
The vendor string of the encoder used to make this stream.
.IP bitrate_upper
The upper bitrate limit of the stream, or "none" if not set.
.IP bitrate_nominal
The "target" bitrate of the stream, or "none" if not set.
.IP bitrate_lower
The lower bitrate limit of the stream, or "none" if not set.
.IP bitrate_average
The average bitrate of the stream.
.IP length
Length of of the file in seconds.
.IP playtime
Playing time in a humanly-readable MM:SS format.
will print the filename being processed, the stream serial numbers, and various
common error conditions.
At the end of each file,
.B ogginfo
will also print:
.IP total_playtime
The total playing time for the entire file in seconds.
.B Vorbis
streams, information including the version used for encoding, the sample rate
and number of channels, the bitrate and playback length, and the contents of
the comment header are printed.
.B ogginfo
properly handles chained bitstreams, it cannot handle multiplexed
logical bitstreams
.IP -h
Show a help and usage message
.IP -q
Quiet mode. This may be specified multiple times. Doing so once will remove
the detailed informative messages, twice will remove warnings as well.
.IP -v
Verbose mode. At the current time, this does not do anything.
JAmes Atwill <>
Stan Seibert <>
Michael Smith <>
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