Commit 6d670e7c authored by Martin Steghöfer's avatar Martin Steghöfer Committed by Thomas Daede

Fix synchronization issue

The following interleaving can cause problems:
The interrupt for SIGINT could set sig_request.cancel right after the consumer thread
checks it ("buf->cancel_flag || sig_request.cancel"), but before the consumer
thread enters the mutex in order to wait for more data ("COND_WAIT"). If the producer
thread reacts to the new situation immediately by exiting (which it can do because the
consumer thread hasn't entered the mutex yet), the consumer thread initiates a COND_WAIT
that might never be fulfilled because the producer thread is gone. The producer's intention
to kill the consumer using buffer_thread_kill doesn't work because it was executed after
the consumer's check for buf->cancel_flag and before the consumer's COND_WAIT.

Fix the problem by putting the cancelation flag checks in the same mutex lock zone as
the "COND_WAIT".
parent 34d88b00
......@@ -210,12 +210,14 @@ void *buffer_thread_func (void *arg)
never be unset. */
while ( !(buf->eos && buf->curfill == 0) && !buf->abort_write) {
LOCK_MUTEX (buf->mutex);
DEBUG("Check for cancelation");
if (buf->cancel_flag || sig_request.cancel)
DEBUG("Check for something to play");
/* Block until we can play something */
LOCK_MUTEX (buf->mutex);
if (buf->prebuffering ||
buf->paused ||
(buf->curfill < buf->audio_chunk_size && !buf->eos)) {
......@@ -224,13 +226,14 @@ void *buffer_thread_func (void *arg)
COND_WAIT(buf->playback_cond, buf->mutex);
DEBUG("Check for cancelation");
if (buf->cancel_flag || sig_request.cancel)
DEBUG("Ready to play");
if (buf->cancel_flag || sig_request.cancel)
/* Don't need to lock buffer while running actions since position
won't change. We clear out any actions before we compute the
dequeue size so we don't consider actions that need to
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