Commit 6e905adc authored by Michael Smith's avatar Michael Smith
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Quiet mode was mis-documented

svn path=/trunk/vorbis-tools/; revision=3476
parent 91827962
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ static void usage(void) {
fprintf(stderr, "Usage: oggdec [flags] file1.ogg file1.wav [file2.ogg file2.wav ... fileN.ogg fileN.ogg]\n"
"Supported flags:\n"
" --quiet, -q Quiet mode. No console output.\n"
" --quiet, -Q Quiet mode. No console output.\n"
" --help, -h Produce this help message.\n"
" --version, -v Print out version number.\n"
" --bits, -b Bit depth for output (8 and 16 supported)\n"
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