Commit b1f9b6f2 authored by Kenneth Arnold's avatar Kenneth Arnold

Adding a null buffer, for platforms on which buffer.c won't

compile/work.  Just uncomment the line in for now;
autoconf magic might come later.

svn path=/trunk/vorbis-tools/; revision=1398
parent 8858a39d
......@@ -14,7 +14,8 @@ ogg123_LDADD = @VORBISFILE_LIBS@ @VORBIS_LIBS@ @OGG_LIBS@ @AO_LIBS@ \
ogg123_SOURCES = ogg123.c ao_interface.c buffer.c ogg123.h buffer.h getopt.c getopt1.c getopt.h
## Comment the above and uncomment the next line to disable the buffer support
##ogg123_SOURCES = ogg123.c ao_interface.c nullbuffer.c ogg123.h buffer.h getopt.c getopt1.c getopt.h
EXTRA_DIST = $(man_MANS) $(doc_DATA)
/* Link this with ogg123 and the buffer support will be disabled. */
#include "ogg123.h"
#include "buffer.h"
buf_t *fork_writer (long size, devices_t *d)
fprintf (stderr, "This ogg123 was not compiled with buffer support.\n");
return NULL;
void submit_chunk (buf_t *buf, chunk_t chunk)
fprintf (stderr, "Error: internal error in submit_chunk: no buffer support.\n");
void buffer_shutdown (buf_t *buf)
fprintf (stderr, "Error: internal error in buffer_shutdown: no buffer support.\n");
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