Commit 10064bfd authored by Tristan Matthews's avatar Tristan Matthews
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vorbis: avoid invalid free

Regression started at commit "4b67376d Remove multiple subtly different inline..."
parent 8ef0f805
...@@ -647,7 +647,7 @@ int vorbis_analysis_headerout(vorbis_dsp_state *v, ...@@ -647,7 +647,7 @@ int vorbis_analysis_headerout(vorbis_dsp_state *v,
memset(op_code,0,sizeof(*op_code)); memset(op_code,0,sizeof(*op_code));
if(b){ if(b){
oggpack_writeclear(&opb); if(vi->channels>0)oggpack_writeclear(&opb);
if(b->header)_ogg_free(b->header); if(b->header)_ogg_free(b->header);
if(b->header1)_ogg_free(b->header1); if(b->header1)_ogg_free(b->header1);
if(b->header2)_ogg_free(b->header2); if(b->header2)_ogg_free(b->header2);
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