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Use xinclude to import the vorbis-over-rtp internet draft text. This only

works on xsltproc. Saxon and Xalan implement a different extension, which
is given in a comment.

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...@@ -2,18 +2,18 @@ ...@@ -2,18 +2,18 @@
<appendix id="vorbis-over-rtp"> <appendix id="vorbis-over-rtp">
<appendixinfo> <appendixinfo>
<releaseinfo> <releaseinfo>
<emphasis>$Id: a2-encapsulation_rtp.xml,v 1.1 2002/10/16 22:46:44 giles Exp $</emphasis> <emphasis>$Id: a2-encapsulation_rtp.xml,v 1.2 2002/10/26 13:21:35 giles Exp $</emphasis>
</releaseinfo> </releaseinfo>
</appendixinfo> </appendixinfo>
<title>Vorbis encapsulation in RTP</title> <title>Vorbis encapsulation in RTP</title>
<screen> <literallayout class="monospaced">
<!-- the draft-rtp entity must be declared in the enclosing document. <!-- this works with extensions implemented in Saxon and Xalan
currently it points to the internet draft text file --> <textobject><textdata fileref="../draft-moffitt-vorbis-rtp-00.txt"/></textobject> -->
<![CDATA[ <!-- this works with xinclude, implemented in xsltproc -->
&draft-rtp; <xi:include xmlns:xi=""
]]> href="../draft-moffitt-vorbis-rtp-00.txt" parse="text"/>
</screen> </literallayout>
</appendix> </appendix>
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