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Add a todo list for the docbook conversion.

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TODO list for vorbis spec docbook conversion.
* Get the figures working in pdf. Jade seems to be doing something
(suboptimal) with <graphic>, and nothing at all with <imageobject>.
* Proof against html original and remove it.
* Reset all those nested lists of decoding structions in docbook. They
don't wrap properly in the printed version, and they don't look so
good. Easy but tedious.
* Set remaining auxiliary material.
* Get vector versions of the figures from Monty and/or create them anew.
We need eps versions for the printable version. Optionally, have the
makefile run them through ghostscript to create the pngs for the html
version if the docbook processor isn't smart enough to do so.
* Get the equations working. We should have one version, either latex or
mathml from which both the html and print versions are generated. Latex
source is in the alt tags in the document.
* Normalize variable naming. The current spec uses brackets to indicated
values decoded from the bitstream. In html and pdf we can use tt font
to indicate this, so the [] is redundant. Remove them from scalars and
either keep them for vectors, or set the vectors bold tt. Note that
this requires resetting the already tt sections.
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