Commit 592be8c8 authored by Michael Smith's avatar Michael Smith
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Oops. function names were wrong

svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=4271
parent 2a81df48
......@@ -20,8 +20,8 @@
<a href="vorbis_info.html">vorbis_info</a><br>
<b>Encoder Setup</b><br>
<a href="vorbis_encode_setup.html">vorbis_encode_setup()</a><br>
<a href="vorbis_encode_setup_vbr.html">vorbis_encode_setup_vbr()</a><br>
<a href="vorbis_encode_init.html">vorbis_encode_init()</a><br>
<a href="vorbis_encode_init_vbr.html">vorbis_encode_init_vbr()</a><br>
<a href="vorbis_encode_ctl.html">vorbis_encode_ctl()</a><br>
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