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Extend residue2 setup code to work with non-stereo bundles

svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=16957
parent a7cc4c71
......@@ -467,7 +467,7 @@ static void vorbis_encode_residue_setup(vorbis_info *vi,
const vorbis_residue_template *res){
codec_setup_info *ci=vi->codec_setup;
int i,n;
int i;
vorbis_info_residue0 *r=ci->residue_param[number]=
......@@ -566,10 +566,25 @@ static void vorbis_encode_residue_setup(vorbis_info *vi,
boundaries. We still lowpass 'wherever', but we have to round up
here to next boundary, or the vorbis spec will round it *down* to
previous boundary in encode/decode */
r->end=(int)((freq/nyq*blocksize*2)/r->grouping+.9)* /* round up only if we're well past */
/* residue 2 bundles together multiple channels; used by stereo
and surround. Count the channels in use */
/* Multiple maps/submaps can point to the same residue. In the case
of residue 2, they all better have the same number of
channels/samples. */
int j,k,ch=0;
vorbis_info_mapping0 *mi=(vorbis_info_mapping0 *)ci->map_param[i];
for(j=0;j<mi->submaps && ch==0;j++)
if(mi->residuesubmap[j]==number) /* we found a submap referencing theis residue backend */
if(mi->chmuxlist[k]==j) /* this channel belongs to the submap */
r->end=(int)((freq/nyq*blocksize*ch)/r->grouping+.9)* /* round up only if we're well past */
r->end=(int)((freq/nyq*blocksize)/r->grouping+.9)* /* round up only if we're well past */
if(r->end==0)r->end=r->grouping; /* LFE channel */
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