1. 04 Jun, 2001 1 commit
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      · 7700f142
      Monty authored
      Cascading fully functional
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1471
  2. 02 Jun, 2001 1 commit
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      Don't reduce open state during ov_open(). · 9bf73d91
      Michael Smith authored
      Fixes non-seekable vorbisfile (i.e. streaming).
      Monty - I'm not certain this is completely correct in all cases - please
      look it over. However, it doesn't break any normal major uses and does make
      streaming playback work.
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1469
  3. 28 May, 2001 1 commit
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      · 4c68e89c
      Monty authored
      An ATH change I didn't intend to commit was committed in the branch
      merge.  Rolling that back.
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1466
  4. 27 May, 2001 4 commits
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      · 22fcc5d7
      Monty authored
      decoder_example non-stereo decode fix
      better autoconf sensing of float-version math lib funcs
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1463
    • Ralph Giles's avatar
      minor spelling correction · 904433d7
      Ralph Giles authored
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1462
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      · eb202bf0
      Monty authored
      One last vorbisfile opt uncommented, fixed and tested.
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1459
    • Monty's avatar
      · 939a038b
      Monty authored
      Floor 1
      Res 1
      Vorbisfile fixes/opts
      now all on mainline
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1458
  5. 19 Apr, 2001 1 commit
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      · d734a509
      Monty authored
      The .vql books used to gen the beta 4 LSP codebooks
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1431
  6. 09 Apr, 2001 1 commit
  7. 27 Mar, 2001 1 commit
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      · d42aaa98
      Monty authored
      Committed fix to what most people know as the 'seek to zero' bug.
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1407
  8. 26 Mar, 2001 2 commits
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      · 79cf1dc6
      Monty authored
      Fix the initial frame bug triggered by vcut; if the first block of a
      stream was long, libvorbis would accidentally output audio for the
      very forst audio packet.  Second packet was handled correctly.
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1406
    • Jack Moffitt's avatar
      fixed minor errors in Jeff's patches. · 77713fe4
      Jack Moffitt authored
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1402
  9. 22 Mar, 2001 3 commits
    • Segher Boessenkool's avatar
      more speling mistakes · 971f7565
      Segher Boessenkool authored
      another LGPL to BSD change
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1392
    • Segher Boessenkool's avatar
      speling fix · 97f45f4c
      Segher Boessenkool authored
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1391
    • Monty's avatar
      · 2be2ed0c
      Monty authored
      Eradicate references to LGPL
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1389
  10. 21 Mar, 2001 2 commits
  11. 20 Mar, 2001 2 commits
    • Ralph Giles's avatar
      · 6e5675f7
      Ralph Giles authored
      put back the bit about the bitstream index. Didn't realize it was
      talking about the chaining index, rather than the logical bitstream
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1386
    • Ralph Giles's avatar
      · c7dee00e
      Ralph Giles authored
      Correct ov_read() documentation. Each call decodes at most one
      vorbis packet and will not necessarily fill the buffer as claimed
      in the html docs.
      Also removed the wierd clause about *bitstream not returning the
      real logical bitstream id in a seekable context. One presumes any
      re-writing would happen on the server side.
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1385
  12. 05 Mar, 2001 1 commit
  13. 28 Feb, 2001 3 commits
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      Missed these ones the first time through: apply the same patch that has · 501f864f
      jsquyres authored
      been put in all the relevant acinclude.m4 files to the .m4 files that
      get installed with the libraries.
      Another patch for lazy people (like me).
      Make AM_PATH_OGG, AM_PATH_VORBIS, and AM_PATH_AO each a bit smarter.
      Each of the three will now also check the $prefix for the location
      of their respective libraries/header files.  This means that if you're
      compiling all 4 things (ao, ogg, vorbis, vorbis-tools) all with the
      same $prefix (which is a pretty common case), you don't have to specify
      "--with-ao-prefix=this --with-ogg-prefix=really --with-vorbis-prefix=sucks",
      you can just specify a single --prefix argument and ditch all the
      --with-*-prefix arguments.
      However, if you do specify any of the three --with arguments, those are
      searched *first* -- the $prefix is searched second.
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1374
    • jsquyres's avatar
      Allow the user to specify their own CFLAGS and LDFLAGS when they run · c0fcbcbb
      jsquyres authored
      If the environment variables CFLAGS and/or LDFLAGS are set, their values
      are saved and appended to the values that are set in configure.in.
      Example (csh-style, cope):
      % setenv CFLAGS -DVORBIS_ROCKS=1
      % ./autogen.sh
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1373
    • jsquyres's avatar
      Make AM_PATH_OGG a bit smarter -- have it check the $prefix for the ogg · a2c764dd
      jsquyres authored
      libraries as well.  This means that the user doesn't have to specify
      --with-ogg-prefix (good for us lazy folks!) if they've already specified
      a --prefix where the ogg libraries live.
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1370
  14. 26 Feb, 2001 6 commits
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      Debian edited changelog date · 9438dba8
      calc authored
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1365
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      Debian copyright updates · 09801034
      calc authored
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1357
    • Monty's avatar
      · a17f618d
      Monty authored
      make sure |fft[0]| can't be negative (eits todB_nn)
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1355
    • Jack Moffitt's avatar
      updated cvsignore · 1480ea8a
      Jack Moffitt authored
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1351
    • calc's avatar
      Debian more additions · 54c7b4ac
      calc authored
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1345
    • Monty's avatar
      · 7bfceda6
      Monty authored
      final beta 4 commit
      change to BSD license
      update version
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1334
  15. 19 Feb, 2001 4 commits
  16. 18 Feb, 2001 5 commits
    • Monty's avatar
      · 1152897c
      Monty authored
      res0_256_1024_7.vqh has slightly too small a range for 350kbps; added
      a res0_350_1024_7.vqh book to eliminate the overrange bug.
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1294
    • Monty's avatar
      · 64b39845
      Monty authored
      #include "os.h" not <os.h>
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1292
    • Monty's avatar
      · 5343a13c
      Monty authored
      Vendor string date update
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1291
    • Monty's avatar
      · 325c06b3
      Monty authored
      bugfix/speed improvement to envelope.c
      Tuning for modes B->E for beta 4.
      Pending bugfixes/release version update, beta 4 is frozen.
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1290
    • calc's avatar
      Debian package changes · aa4ad35d
      calc authored
      svn path=/trunk/vorbis/; revision=1289
  17. 17 Feb, 2001 2 commits