1. 01 Apr, 2008 1 commit
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      import "aoTuV" beta5.5 · bec669ca
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       * based on libvorbis 1.2.0
       * The noise control of the Impulse block was expanded. 
         This is effective with the outstanding sample of the pre-echo.
       * The pre-echo reduction code came to work at a lower bit rate.
       * Noise Normalization was reviewed. As a result, the bug is revised.
       * The detailed tuning was done again.
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  2. 05 Nov, 2006 6 commits
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      - aoTuV Beta5 (2006/10/24) · e9edd7c6
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       # The action of noise normalization has been improved.  This has an effect in the sound roughness and tremor problem etc. in the low bitrate.
       # The threshold of a stereo mode change was calculated dynamically.  Some of problems which originate in channel coupling by this will improve. 
       # Noise control of an impulse block was changed (quality 0-10 / 32-48kHz). And pre-echo decreased slightly. 
       # Tuning of each part was redone according to above-mentioned changed part and additional part.
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      aoTuV Release 1 (2006/08/23) · 752a05c9
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       # This is the stable version. The contents are almost the same as beta4.51. 
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      merge changes from /tags/vorbis/libvorbis-1.1.2/ · 4073801c
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      - aoTuV Beta4.51 · d9a41b23
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       # This is a bug fix release.  There is no encode quality-difference fundamentally. 
      - aoTuV Beta4.5
       # Reexamination of a low bit rate region, the addition of the code accompanying it, and tuning. Influence has this change below quality3.  Probably, in the especially low bit rate, it will be effective. 
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      - aoTuV Beta4 · 862b07af
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       # An addition and change of the code of a channel coupling processing portion. Thereby, disorder of the sound energy on hearing becomes small.  And a part of additional code of beta3 which is not required has already been deleted now.
       # Tuning of Masking relation and Noise Normalization. These mainly influence balance and the quantity of distortion which can be heard.
       # The bit allocation by the low bit rate was devised. This is generally effective.
       # Bug fix of beta3
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      add aoTuV info files · b0160514
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