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    Skip the partition search for the frame with no motion · 12861260
    Pengchong Jin authored
    This patch allows the encoder to skip the partition search for the
    frame if it is an inter frame and only zero motion vectors have
    been detected in the first pass. The partition size is directly
    assigned according to the difference variance.
    Borg tests show overall little performance changes in term of PSNR
    (derf -0.027%, yt 0.152%, hd 0.078%, stdhd 0%). The worst case of
    PSNR loss is -0.514% from yt. The best PSNR gain is 4.293% from yt.
    The second pass encoding speedup for slideshow clips is 15%-40%.
    Change-Id: I881f347d286553ee5594a9ea09ba1a61ac684045