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    Clamp inferred motion vectors only · 12bf0796
    Jingning Han authored
    Clamp only the motion vectors inferred from neighboring reference
    macroblocks. The motion vectors obtained through motion search in
    NEWMV mode are constrained during the search process, which allows
    a relatively larger referencing region than the inferred mvs.
    Hence further clamping the best mv provided by the motion search may
    affect the efficacy of NEWMV mode.
    Synchronized the decoding process. The decoded mvs in NEWMV modes
    should be guaranteed to fit in the effective range. Put a mv range
    clamping function there for security purpose.
    This improves the coding performance of high motion sequences, e.g.,
    derf set:
    foreman 0.233%
    husky   0.175%
    icd     0.135%
    mother_daughter 0.337%
    pamphlet        0.561%
    stdhd set:
    blue_sky 0.408%
    city     0.455%
    also saw sunflower goes down by -0.469%.
    Change-Id: I3fcbba669e56dab779857a8126a91b926e899cb5
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