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    Add shell scripts for verifying basic vpx{dec,enc} features. · 36c39d67
    Tom Finegan authored
    Tests the basics (first confirms feature is available in vpx_config.h):
    - VP8 decode (in IVF file).
    - VP9 decode (in WebM file).
    - VP8 encode (to IVF and WebM).
    - VP9 encode (to IVF and WebM).
    - VP9 lossless encode (to IVF, currently disabled due to failure).
    - Pipe input (to vpxdec and vpxenc).
    Test data path and path to vpx{dec,enc} have been parameterized. In
    - Supports disabling tests (test names prefixed with DISABLED_ are not
      run by default).
    - Supports filtering tests.
    vpxdec.sh: Tests vpxdec.
    vpxenc.sh: Tests vpxenc.
    tools_common.sh: Common test functions.
    Change-Id: I0612c88b8dd6049a05bbbc79a317a0cca61733a5
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