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    Fix rate control bug. · 658daf36
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Fix rate control bug whereby the rate factor heuristics
    were being updated on arf overlays causing a rate surge
    for a few frames followed by a corrective drop.
    This fix eliminates many of the overshoot problems that
    we were seeing on hard clips (even without applying
    stricter vbr rate control) and also helps quality on
    almost all clips with some hard clips improving by >5%.
    Overall quality results measured at speed 2.
    Derf  +1.78% opsnr , +2.44% SSIM
    Stdhd +2.41% opsnr, +2.85% SSIM
    Change-Id: I2369df6295c2705963fa6307877f6acb304bcc39