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    Remove some cases for turning off arf. · c30a9cd9
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Flipping arf on and off too often is hurting some clips.
    This change makes no difference for 50-75% of our test
    clips but helps some by a big margin. (eg. std-hd crew
    by 6% and one of the YT and YT-hd clips by 14%)
    Average improvements for 2 pass, speed 2 (psnr,ssim)
    are as follows:-
    derf  0.165%, 0.210%
    yt  1.210%, 1.464%
    yt-hd 1.189%, 1.471%
    std-hd 1.031%, 0.886%
    Change-Id: I121fe66cfb4a62d384b23b484a7d648789641969