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    Delay decreasing reference count in frame-parallel decoding. · e4c5f7e2
    hkuang authored
    The current decoding scheme will decrease the reference count
    of the output frame when finish decoding. Then the application
    could copy the frame from the decoder buffer to application buffer.
    In frame-parallel decoding, a decoded frame will not be outputted
    until several frames later which depends on thread numbers. So
    the decoded frame's reference count should be decreased only
    after application finish copying the frame out. But due to the
    limitation of vpx_codec_get_frame, decoder could not know when
    application finish decoding. So use a index last_show_frame to
    release the last output frame's reference count.
    Change-Id: I403ee0d01148ac1182e5a2d87cf7dcc302b51e63