Commit 0e06c8ff authored by hkuang's avatar hkuang
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Remove unnecessary code.

Function will jump to error handler when ref buffer is corrupted.
So "xd->corrupted |= ref_buffer->buf->corrupted;" is useless.

Change-Id: I35353a0637ad0dbb682454e040ef69fa68280bfa
parent 112789d4
......@@ -397,7 +397,6 @@ static void set_ref(VP9_COMMON *const cm, MACROBLOCKD *const xd,
"Block reference is corrupt");
vp9_setup_pre_planes(xd, idx, ref_buffer->buf, mi_row, mi_col,
xd->corrupted |= ref_buffer->buf->corrupted;
static void decode_block(VP9_COMMON *const cm, MACROBLOCKD *const xd,
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