Commit 2ae314fe authored by Adrian Grange's avatar Adrian Grange
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Fix control string in firstpass stats fprintf

20 items in the control string but only 19 arguments.

Change-Id: I51dab9aa1c58c653b52395005a9cb41f09feb484
parent c5718a7a
......@@ -110,9 +110,9 @@ static void output_stats(FIRSTPASS_STATS *stats,
FILE *fpfile;
fpfile = fopen("firstpass.stt", "a");
fprintf(fpfile, "%12.0f %12.4f %12.0f %12.0f %12.0f %12.4f %12.4f"
"%12.4f %12.4f %12.4f %12.4f %12.4f %12.4f %12.4f"
"%12.0f %12.0f %12.4f %12.0f %12.0f %12.4f\n",
fprintf(fpfile, "%12.0lf %12.4lf %12.0lf %12.0lf %12.0lf %12.4lf %12.4lf"
"%12.4lf %12.4lf %12.4lf %12.4lf %12.4lf %12.4lf %12.4lf"
"%12.4lf %12.0lf %12.0lf %12.0lf %12.4lf\n",
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