Commit 336e2552 authored by hkuang's avatar hkuang Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Remove unnecessary scale check in set_ref."

parents 9a29fdba 15a3e5f7
......@@ -389,9 +389,6 @@ static void set_ref(VP9_COMMON *const cm, MACROBLOCKD *const xd,
MB_MODE_INFO *const mbmi = &xd->mi[0].src_mi->mbmi;
RefBuffer *ref_buffer = &cm->frame_refs[mbmi->ref_frame[idx] - LAST_FRAME];
xd->block_refs[idx] = ref_buffer;
if (!vp9_is_valid_scale(&ref_buffer->sf))
vpx_internal_error(&cm->error, VPX_CODEC_UNSUP_BITSTREAM,
"Invalid scale factors");
if (ref_buffer->buf->corrupted)
vpx_internal_error(&cm->error, VPX_CODEC_CORRUPT_FRAME,
"Block reference is corrupt");
......@@ -436,8 +436,7 @@ static void read_inter_block_mode_info(VP9_COMMON *const cm,
for (ref = 0; ref < 1 + is_compound; ++ref) {
const MV_REFERENCE_FRAME frame = mbmi->ref_frame[ref];
const int ref_idx = frame - LAST_FRAME;
if (cm->frame_refs[ref_idx].sf.x_scale_fp == REF_INVALID_SCALE ||
cm->frame_refs[ref_idx].sf.y_scale_fp == REF_INVALID_SCALE )
if ((!vp9_is_valid_scale(&cm->frame_refs[ref_idx].sf)))
vpx_internal_error(&cm->error, VPX_CODEC_UNSUP_BITSTREAM,
"Reference frame has invalid dimensions");
vp9_find_mv_refs(cm, xd, tile, mi, frame, mbmi->ref_mvs[frame],
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