Commit 4d2b178a authored by John Koleszar's avatar John Koleszar Committed by Code Review
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Merge "Remove ivfenc usage message leading underscores"

parents a31a58d1 78f2d3ed
......@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ static void usage_exit()
"Options:\n", exec_name);
arg_show_usage(stderr, all_args);
fprintf(stderr, "\nvp8 Postprocessing Options:\n");
fprintf(stderr, "\nVP8 Postprocessing Options:\n");
arg_show_usage(stderr, vp8_pp_args);
fprintf(stderr, "\nIncluded decoders:\n\n");
......@@ -562,18 +562,18 @@ static void usage_exit()
fprintf(stderr, "Usage: %s <options> src_filename dst_filename\n", exec_name);
fprintf(stderr, "\n_options:\n");
fprintf(stderr, "\nOptions:\n");
arg_show_usage(stdout, main_args);
fprintf(stderr, "\n_encoder Global Options:\n");
fprintf(stderr, "\nEncoder Global Options:\n");
arg_show_usage(stdout, global_args);
fprintf(stderr, "\n_rate Control Options:\n");
fprintf(stderr, "\nRate Control Options:\n");
arg_show_usage(stdout, rc_args);
fprintf(stderr, "\n_twopass Rate Control Options:\n");
fprintf(stderr, "\nTwopass Rate Control Options:\n");
arg_show_usage(stdout, rc_twopass_args);
fprintf(stderr, "\n_keyframe Placement Options:\n");
fprintf(stderr, "\nKeyframe Placement Options:\n");
arg_show_usage(stdout, kf_args);
fprintf(stderr, "\n_vp8 Specific Options:\n");
fprintf(stderr, "\nVP8 Specific Options:\n");
arg_show_usage(stdout, vp8_args);
fprintf(stderr, "\n"
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