Commit 4efcf838 authored by Tim Kopp's avatar Tim Kopp Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Fixed VP9 denoiser COPY_BLOCK case"

parents 9aca602e b79d5b62
......@@ -93,20 +93,21 @@ void vp9_denoiser_denoise(VP9_DENOISER *denoiser, MACROBLOCK *mb,
int decision = COPY_BLOCK;
YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG avg = denoiser->running_avg_y[INTRA_FRAME];
YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG mc_avg = denoiser->mc_running_avg_y;
uint8_t *avg_start = block_start(avg.y_buffer, avg.y_stride, mi_row, mi_col);
uint8_t *mc_avg_start = block_start(mc_avg.y_buffer, mc_avg.y_stride,
mi_row, mi_col);
struct buf_2d src = mb->plane[0].src;
update_running_avg(mc_avg_start, mc_avg.y_stride, avg_start, avg.y_stride,
mb->plane[0].src.buf, mb->plane[0].src.stride, 0, bs);
if (decision == FILTER_BLOCK) {
// TODO(tkopp)
if (decision == COPY_BLOCK) {
copy_block(block_start(avg.y_buffer, avg.y_stride, mi_row, mi_col),
avg.y_stride, src.buf, src.stride, bs);
copy_block(avg_start, avg.y_stride, src.buf, src.stride, bs);
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