Commit 5942839d authored by Johann Koenig's avatar Johann Koenig Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Rename vp8 loopfilter_filters_dspr2.c"

parents 950b6828 e7aa2d9b
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ endif
# common (c)
VP8_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_DSPR2) += common/mips/dspr2/idctllm_dspr2.c
VP8_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_DSPR2) += common/mips/dspr2/filter_dspr2.c
VP8_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_DSPR2) += common/mips/dspr2/loopfilter_filters_dspr2.c
VP8_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_DSPR2) += common/mips/dspr2/vp8_loopfilter_filters_dspr2.c
VP8_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_DSPR2) += common/mips/dspr2/reconinter_dspr2.c
VP8_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_DSPR2) += common/mips/dspr2/idct_blk_dspr2.c
VP8_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_DSPR2) += common/mips/dspr2/dequantize_dspr2.c
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