Commit 9ba08208 authored by Tom Finegan's avatar Tom Finegan
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vpxenc: Stop writing the WebM FrameRate element.

The FrameRate element has been deprecated.

Change-Id: I68ac496e7b33685a100a45d2772e0ff30eb6a811
parent bacb5925
......@@ -725,14 +725,12 @@ write_webm_file_header(EbmlGlobal *glob,
unsigned int pixelWidth = cfg->g_w;
unsigned int pixelHeight = cfg->g_h;
float frameRate = (float)fps->num / (float)fps->den;
EbmlLoc videoStart;
Ebml_StartSubElement(glob, &videoStart, Video);
Ebml_SerializeUnsigned(glob, PixelWidth, pixelWidth);
Ebml_SerializeUnsigned(glob, PixelHeight, pixelHeight);
Ebml_SerializeUnsigned(glob, StereoMode, stereo_fmt);
Ebml_SerializeFloat(glob, FrameRate, frameRate);
Ebml_EndSubElement(glob, &videoStart);
Ebml_EndSubElement(glob, &start); /* Track Entry */
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