Commit bf3cb250 authored by hkuang's avatar hkuang
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Remove unnecessary border extension when frame size change.

This border extension is not needed with on-demond border extension.

Change-Id: I8501b37f5f756dc7e874cef4c1cfdbfa9a16112a
parent 2d924161
...@@ -1432,8 +1432,6 @@ static size_t read_uncompressed_header(VP9Decoder *pbi, ...@@ -1432,8 +1432,6 @@ static size_t read_uncompressed_header(VP9Decoder *pbi,
ref_buf->buf->y_crop_height, ref_buf->buf->y_crop_height,
cm->width, cm->height); cm->width, cm->height);
#endif #endif
if (vp9_is_scaled(&ref_buf->sf))
} }
} }
} }
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