1. 07 Aug, 2015 2 commits
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  4. 04 Aug, 2015 18 commits
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      Change vp9_quantize to vpx_quantize · d621de7e
      Jingning Han authored
      This commit clears all the vp9_ prefix use case in vpx_dsp. It gets
      the vp9 folder ready to branch out vp10.
      Change-Id: I2906eec179ee792b4af8c9b4161313653050e931
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      Replace vp9_ prefix with vpx_ prefix in vpx_dsp function names · 08a453b9
      Jingning Han authored
      This commit clears the function naming convention in vpx_dsp. It
      replaces vp9_ prefix of global functions with vpx_ prefix. It also
      removes the vp9_ prefix from static functions.
      Change-Id: I6394359a63b71a51dda01342eec6a3cc08dfeedf
    • Yunqing Wang's avatar
      Minor adjustment in diagonal sub-pixel point checking · 726d1b84
      Yunqing Wang authored
      Choose a different diagonal point to check when the two costs are
      the same, making it consistent with the way we choose the best mv.
      This slightly changes the encoding result, and the derflr set borg
      test at speed 0 shows 0.027% Overall PSNR gain, 0.024% Avg PSNR
      gain, and 0.043% SSIM gain.
      Change-Id: Ic8ee3a6767394866d159e4f9e1c777604dd73c17
    • Yunqing Wang's avatar
      Small improvement in sub-pixel motion search · a3d22aa2
      Yunqing Wang authored
      If the current best mv(namely, the search center) is still the best mv
      after the first level search, the second level checks is skipped. This
      patch doesn't change the bitstream. At speed 0, it speeds up the encoder
      by 1% - 2%.
      Change-Id: I054c91b884d3f7aef157436c061744562bd6506d
    • Jingning Han's avatar
      Exclude inv_txfm dspr2 files from make file when highbd is on · 5f138986
      Jingning Han authored
      Add a guard to exclud dspr2 inverse transform files from vpx_dsp
      make file, when high bit-depth is turned on. This fixes the jenkins
      nightly build.
      Change-Id: Ibacd86563af1ec4810c550905b3fa0397baeeafc
    • Johann Koenig's avatar
      Merge "Rename vp8 loopfilter_mmx.asm" · ac29aa13
      Johann Koenig authored
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      Merge "mips msa vpx subtract test added" · 5a9f36d3
      Parag Salasakar authored
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    • James Zern's avatar
      third_party/libwebm: pull from upstream · c353da68
      James Zern authored
      b6de61a Adds support for simple tags
      75a6d2d sample_muxer: Don't write huge files.
      cec1f85 mkvmuxer: remove unused timecode_scale variable
      8a61b40 Merge "mkvparser: Tiny whitespace fix."
      7affc5c clang-format re-run
      d6d04ac mkvmuxer: use generic Cluster::AddFrame
      4928b0b Merge "mkvmuxer: Write Block key frames correctly."
      c2e4a46 Merge "sample_muxer: Use AddGenericFrame to add frames."
      e97f296 mkvparser: Tiny whitespace fix.
      d66ba44 Merge "Add support to parse DisplayUnit."
      deb41c2 Add support to parse DisplayUnit.
      42e5660 Fix issues on EBML lacing block parsing
      fe1e9bb Fix block parsing to not allow frame_size = 0
      2cb6a28 Change assertions to checks when parsing TrackPositions
      d04580f Fixes issues on Block Group parsing
      c3550fd mkvmuxer: Write Block key frames correctly.
      5dd0e40 Merge "mkvmuxer: Set is_key to true for metadata blocks."
      8e96863 mkvmuxer: Set is_key to true for metadata blocks.
      a9e4819 sample_muxer: Use AddGenericFrame to add frames.
      5a3be73 Change assertions to checks when load CuePoints
      f99f3b2 mkvmuxerutil::EbmlDateElementSize: remove value param
      ff572b5 Frame::IsValid: fix track_number check
      b6311dc mkvmuxer: Refactor to remove a lot of duplicate code
      256cd02 Merge "mkvmuxer: DiscardPadding should be signed integer."
      16c8e78 mkvmuxer: s/frame/data in all AddFrame* functions.
      c5e511c mkvmuxer: DiscardPadding should be signed integer.
      4baaa2c Add framework build script: iosbuild.sh
      3d06eb1 PATENTS: fix a typo: constitutes -> constitute
      d3849c2 mkvparser: Dead code removal.
      f439e52 Change assertions to checks when preloading Cues
      d3a44cd Fix track transversal when listing Cues on sample
      c6255af Tweak .gitignore so git status is clean after checkout and
      build: - added missing underscore to sample_muxer - added cmake and make
      related files
      b5229c7 Makefile.unix: s/samplemuxer/sample_muxer/
      e3616a6 Add support to parse stereo mode, display width and display
      height in mkvparser
      a4b68f8 parser: Fix bug in Chapters::Atom::Parse()
      bab0a00 cmake: Set library and project name the proper way on Windows.
      feeb9b1 Set library name to match Windows expectations.
      b9a549b Fix CMakefile to generate libwebm.a
      b386aa5 Add CMakeLists.txt and msvc_runtime.cmake.
      b0f8a81 parser: Fix memory leak in Chapter parsing
      f06e152 mkvmuxer: Fix MoveCuesBeforeClustersHelper recursive call.
      27bb747 allow subtitle tracks with ContentEncodings
      623d182 DoLoadCluster: tolerate empty clusters
      1156da8 Update PATENTS to reflect s/VP8/WebM/g
      0d4cb40 mkvmuxerutil: Use rand() in MSVC builds.
      e12fff0 mkvmuxer: Overload WriteEbmlHeader for backward compatibility
      a321704 mkvmuxer: write correct DocTypeVersion
      574045e mkvmuxer: fix DiscardPadding
      8be6397 Include crop elements when calculating size of Video element
      8f2d1b3 mkvparser: fix DiscardPadding extraction
      1c36c24 mkvmuxer: fix style guide violations
      568504e Merge "UUIDs can have their high bit set"
      acf788b Add support for CropLeft, CropRight, CropTop and CropBottom
      418188b Merge "muxer: codec_id is a mandatory element"
      07688c9 mkvmuxer: Reject frames if invalid track number is passed.
      2a63e47 muxer: codec_id is a mandatory element
      d13c017 UUIDs can have their high bit set
      Change-Id: Iba28acb1ff774349d03e565f2641ddea132cf1e7
    • James Zern's avatar
      Merge "update libyuv to r1456" · 18427983
      James Zern authored
    • James Zern's avatar
      examples.mk: quiet vcproj script exec by default · a2746d70
      James Zern authored
      the full command line can be seen with V=1 as with the other gen*
      Change-Id: Id045b57e0f9af17d82d79201bbc1241b25a2b821
    • James Zern's avatar
      Merge "add vp9_vector_var_neon" · a0fd7a98
      James Zern authored
  5. 03 Aug, 2015 1 commit