1. 10 Aug, 2012 2 commits
    • Daniel Kang's avatar
      Refactor RD to take same codepath for single and comp pred · 4d5b81a8
      Daniel Kang authored
      Change-Id: Id38baf1b89648ef534e28be72f583137871f920c
    • Paul Wilkins's avatar
      Code cleanup. · bd9e5ece
      Paul Wilkins authored
      Add local variable in several places to reference the MB mode
      info structure. Currently this is usually accessed in the code as
      x->e_mbd.mode_info_context->mbmi.* or in some places
      Resolved some uses of x-> for the MACROBLOCKD structure.
      Rebased without dependency on motion reference experiment.
      Change-Id: If6718276ee4f2ef131825d1524dfdb02a3793aed
  2. 09 Aug, 2012 7 commits
  3. 08 Aug, 2012 11 commits
  4. 07 Aug, 2012 9 commits
  5. 06 Aug, 2012 8 commits
  6. 03 Aug, 2012 3 commits
    • Deb Mukherjee's avatar
      Merging in high_precision_mv experiment · 2af5473a
      Deb Mukherjee authored
      Merged in the high_precision_mv experiment to make it easier
      to work on new mv encoding strategies. Also removed
      Change-Id: I82d3b0bb642419fe05dba82528bc9ba010e90924
    • Yaowu Xu's avatar
      enable interleaved decoding of mode and mv · 2e73f901
      Yaowu Xu authored
      Previouly, the decoding of mode and motion vector are done a per frame
      basis followed by residue decoding and reconstuction. The commit added
      the option to allow decoder to interleave the decoding of mode and mvs
      with the residue decoding on a per MB basis.
      Change-Id: Ia5316f4a7af9ba7f155c92b5a6fc97201b653571
    • Jingning Han's avatar
      Replacing the 8x8 DCT with 8x8 ADST/DCT for I8x8 · fcbff9ee
      Jingning Han authored
      Fixed the code review comments.
      Under the htrans8x8 experiment the 8X8 DCT in the
      I8X8 mode is replaced with a combination of 8X8 ADST and
      Overall coding gains with the htrans8x8 experiment are:
      derf:   0.486
      std-hd: 1.040
      hd:     1.063
      yt:     0.506
      Note that part of the gain comes from bigger transforms
      (8x8 instead of 4x4) and part comes from replacing the DCT
      wth the ADST.
      Change-Id: I92ca6bbfce11b4165d612b81d9adfad4d010c775