1. 13 Oct, 2014 6 commits
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      Refactor rate distortion cost structure · 811cef97
      Jingning Han authored
      This commit makes a struct that contains rate value, distortion
      value, and the rate-distortion cost. The goal is to provide a
      better interface for rate-distortion related operation. It is
      first used in rd_pick_partition and saves a few RDCOST calculations.
      Change-Id: I1a6ab7b35282d3c80195af59b6810e577544691f
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      Merge "Add adaptation option for VBR." · 29771770
      Paul Wilkins authored
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      Merge "args.h: add arg_parse_enum prototype" · 574fd5fd
      James Zern authored
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      Merge "yv12config: fix highbitdepth build" · d7457ccd
      James Zern authored
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      Add adaptation option for VBR. · f7f0eaa5
      Paul Wilkins authored
      Allow min and maxQ to creep when the undershoot
      or overshoot exceeds thresholds controlled by the
      command line under_shoot_pct and over_shoot_pct
      Default is 100%,100% which ~disables adaptation.
      Derf results for example undershoot% / overshoot%:-
      Head:- Mean abs (%rate error) = 14.4%
      This check in:-
      25%/25% - Mean abs (%rate error) = 6.7%
                        PSNR hit -1% SSIM -0.1%
      5% / 5%  - Mean abs (%rate error) = 2.2%
                       PSNR hit -3.3% SSIM - 1.1%
      Most of the remaining error and most of the quality hit is
      at extreme data rates. The adaptation code still has an
      exception for material that is in effect static so that we
      don't over adjust and over spend on YT slide show type
      (Rebase of If25a2449a415449c150acff23df713e9598d64c9
      to resolve a auto-merge error)
      Change-Id: Iec4e1613ef0d067454751d8220edb7058dfbd816
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