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    Set the autoconf version from git. · cfd4e2c3
    Ralph Giles authored
    AC_INIT requires that the version string passed in be 'static'
    so we can't use the output of a shell invocation. However, it
    can be computed by an m4 shell invocation. This is what autoconf
    itself does to embed its git version number in PACKAGE_VERSION.
    Doing this necessitates the 'echo -n' in Make
    is smart enough to strip the trailing newline, but AC_INIT is
    not. We must also add -f to autoreconf. Otherwise,
    will only update configure when changes, even if
    the output of has changed.
    This is still not ideal, since it runs at time, not
    at 'make' time, which is what we want. This seems to be a limitation
    of an upcoming automake release, which removes the old style
    with PACKAGE and VERSION set by shell variables.