Commit f310b9ef authored by Timothy B. Terriberry's avatar Timothy B. Terriberry
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Fix backwards HTTP Server header test.

This was treating every unknown header as a Server header.
Good thing this was last!
The only damage was that we might have enabled pipelining even on
 known-bad servers.
parent 06a191ef
......@@ -2378,7 +2378,7 @@ static int op_http_stream_open(OpusHTTPStream *_stream,const char *_url,
if(OP_UNLIKELY(ret<0))return ret;
else if(strcmp(header,"server")){
else if(strcmp(header,"server")==0){
/*If we got a Server response header, and it wasn't from a known-bad
server, enable pipelining, as long as it's at least HTTP/1.1.
According to RFC 2145, the server is supposed to respond with the
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