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    Make superblocks independent of macroblock code and data. · 111ca421
    Ronald S. Bultje authored
    Split macroblock and superblock tokenization and detokenization
    functions and coefficient-related data structs so that the bitstream
    layout and related code of superblock coefficients looks less like it's
    a hack to fit macroblocks in superblocks.
    In addition, unify chroma transform size selection from luma transform
    size (i.e. always use the same size, as long as it fits the predictor);
    in practice, this means 32x32 and 64x64 superblocks using the 16x16 luma
    transform will now use the 16x16 (instead of the 8x8) chroma transform,
    and 64x64 superblocks using the 32x32 luma transform will now use the
    32x32 (instead of the 16x16) chroma transform.
    Lastly, add a trellis optimize function for 32x32 transform blocks.
    HD gains about 0.3%, STDHD about 0.15% and derf about 0.1%. There's
    a few negative points here and there that I might want to analyze
    a little closer.
    Change-Id: Ibad7c3ddfe1acfc52771dfc27c03e9783e054430