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    Make RD superblock mode search size-agnostic. · b4f6098e
    Ronald S. Bultje authored
    Merge various super_block_yrd and super_block_uvrd versions into one
    common function that works for all sizes. Make transform size selection
    size-agnostic also. This fixes a slight bug in the intra UV superblock
    code where it used the wrong transform size for txsz > 8x8, and stores
    the txsz selection for superblocks properly (instead of forgetting it).
    Lastly, it removes the trellis search that was done for 16x16 intra
    predictors, since trellis is relatively expensive and should thus only
    be done after RD mode selection.
    Gives basically identical results on derf (+0.009%).
    Change-Id: If4485c6f0a0fe4038b3172f7a238477c35a6f8d3