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    Spatial resamping of ZEROMV predictors · eb939f45
    John Koleszar authored
    This patch allows coding frames using references of different
    resolution, in ZEROMV mode. For compound prediction, either
    reference may be scaled.
    To test, I use the resize_test and enable WRITE_RECON_BUFFER
    in vp9_onyxd_if.c. It's also useful to apply this patch to
      --- a/test/i420_video_source.h
      +++ b/test/i420_video_source.h
      @@ -93,6 +93,7 @@ class I420VideoSource : public VideoSource {
         virtual void FillFrame() {
           // Read a frame from input_file.
      +    if (frame_ != 3)
           if (fread(img_->img_data, raw_sz_, 1, input_file_) == 0) {
             limit_ = frame_;
    This forces the frame that the resolution changes on to be coded
    with no motion, only scaling, and improves the quality of the
    Change-Id: I1ee75d19a437ff801192f767fd02a36bcbd1d496