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    Reworked the auto_mv_step_size speed feature · 302698fb
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    This patch modifies the auto_mv_step_size speed feature to
    use a combination of the maximum magnitude mv from the last
    inter frame, and the maximum magnitude mv for the two reference
    mvs with the same reference. For arf frames, the max mav step
    for the resolution is used.
    The bounds therefore are slightly tighter. The feature is made
    a speed 1 feature.
    Results (when this feature is turned on over speed 0):
    derfraw300: -0.046% psnr, about 5+% speedup
    (tested on football: goes from 4m30.760s to 4m17.410s).
    Change-Id: If492797a61b0b4b3e58c0b8f86afb880165fc9f6