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    Speed setting review. · 6253cc92
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Substantial reworking of the speed vs quality trade offs for
    speed 1 and 2.
    In this patch I am attempting to freeze the "quality" meaning of
    speeds 1 and 2 relative to speed 0 so that in future we can
    better evaluate progress.
    I am targeting :
    Speed 1 quality ~-5% vs speed 0.
    Speed 2 quality ~-10% vs speed 0
    It is inevitable that quality will still fluctuate a little as we adjust
    settings and add new features, but we will attempt to keep as
    close as possible to these values. Above speed 2 things will remain
    a bit more fluid for now.
    In this patch speed 1 is approximately 4-5x as fast as speed 0. This
    is similar to before but the quality hit is a lot less. Likewise speed 2
    is approximately 2x as fast as speed 1 but is similar in quality to the
    previous speed 1 configuration.
    Also slight change to behavior of FLAG_EARLY_TERMINATE to insure
    all reference frames get at least one rd test. Important for very low
    variance regions.
    WIP :- Added a new speed level with old speed 4 becoming speed 5.
    Speed 3 and 4 tradeoffs still WIP
    Change-Id: Ic7a38dd7b5b63ab1501f9352411972f480ac6264