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    Clean ups of the subpel search functions · 71b43b0f
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    Removes some unused code and speed features, and organizes the
    interfaces for fractional mv step functions for use in new speed
    features to come.
    In the process a new speed feature - number of iterations per
    step during the subpel search - is exposed.
    No change when this parameter is set as the original value of 3.
    subpel_iters_per_step = 3: baseline
    subpel_iters_per_step = 2: psnr -0.067%, 1% speedup
    subpel_iters_per_step = 1: psnr -0.331%, 3-4% speedup
    Change-Id: I2eba8a21f6461be8caf56af04a5337257a5693a8