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    Added two new skip experiments. · 72c5778e
    Paul Wilkins authored
    sf->unused_mode_skip_lvl. Tests modes as normal for all
    sizes at or below the given level. At larger sizes it skips
    all modes that were not chosen at any smaller size.
    Hence setting BLOCK_SIZE_SB64X64 is in effect off.
    Setting BLOCK_SIZE_AB4X4 will only consider modes that
    were chosen for one or more 4x4 blocks at larger sizes.
    Do a test encode of the NONE partition at one size and create
    a reference frame mask based on the best rd choice. In the
    full search only allow this reference frame.
    Currently it is testing 64x64 and repeats this in the full search.
    This does not work well with Jim's Partition code just now and
    is disabled by default.
    Change-Id: I8f8c52d2ef4a0c08100150b0ea4155d1aaab93dd