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    Recursive partition syntax coding · 90a91cc6
    Jingning Han authored
    Enable recursive partition information coding from SB64X64 down to
    MB16X16. The bit-stream syntax is now supporting rectangular block
    sizes. It starts from SB64X64 and recursively describes the partition
    type of the current block. If the partition type is PARTITION_NONE,
    the block is coded as a single unit; if it is PARTITION_HORZ or
    PARTITION_VERT, the block is segmented into two independently coded
    rectangular units, with no further partition needed; otherwise, the
    block is segmented into 4 square blocks. i.e., PARTITION_SPLIT case,
    each can be potentially further partitioned.
    Forward adaptive probability modeling is used for the partition
    information coding, conditioned on the current block size.
    Change-Id: I499365fb547839d555498e3bcc0387d8a3587d87