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    Further change to mv reference search. · c6ba3a3d
    Paul Wilkins authored
    This experimental change reorders the search so
    that all possible references that match the target
    reference frame are tested first and these in order
    of distance from the current block. These will usually
    be the highest scoring candidates.
    If we do not find enough good candidates this way
    we try non matching cases. These will usually be lower
    scoring candidates.
    The change in order together with breakouts when
    we have found enough candidates should reduce
    the computational cost and especially reduce the number
    of sort operations.
    Quality Results:
    Std Hd +0.228%, Hd +0.074%, YT +0.046%, derf +0.137%
    This effect is probably due to the fact that more distant
    weak candidates are now less likely to get "promoted" over
    near candidates even if they are repeated.
    Change-Id: Iec37e77d88a48ad0ee1f315b14327a95d63f81f6
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