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    Implements several heuristics to prune mode search · d9b62160
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    Skips mode searches for intra and compound inter modes depending
    on the best mode so far and the reference frames. The various
    heuristics to be used are selected by bits from a flag. The
    previous direction based intra mode search pruning is also absorbed
    in this framework.
    Specifically the flags and their impact are:
    1) FLAG_SKIP_INTRA_BESTINTER (skip intra mode search for oblique
    directional modes and TM_PRED if the best so far is
    an inter mode)
    derfraw300: -0.15%, 10% speedup
    2) FLAG_SKIP_INTRA_DIRMISMATCH (skip D27, D63, D117 and D153
    mode search if the best so far is not one of the closest
    hor/vert/diagonal directions.
    derfraw300: -0.05%, about 9% speedup
    3) FLAG_SKIP_COMP_BESTINTRA (skip compound prediction mode
    search if the best so far is an intra mode)
    derfraw300: -0.06%, about 7-8% speedup
    4) FLAG_SKIP_COMP_REFMISMATCH (skip compound prediction search
    if the best single ref inter mode does not have the same ref
    as one of the two references being tested in the compound mode)
    derfraw300: -0.56%, about 10% speedup
    Change-Id: I1a736cd29b36325489e7af9f32698d6394b2c495