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    Removing vp9_idct4_1d_sse2 function. · ddf1b762
    Dmitry Kovalev authored
    We have two SSE2-optimized functions for idct4_1d:
      vp9_idct4_1d_sse2 <-- removing this one
    vp9_idct4_1d_sse2 was used only by the following functions which already
    have SSE2 optimized variants:
      vp9_idct4x4_16_add_c   -> vp9_idct4x4_16_add_see2
      idct8_1d               -> vp9_idct8x8_{16, 10, 1}_see2
      vp9_short_iht4x4_add_c -> vp9_short_iht4x4_add_see2
    Change-Id: Ib0a7f6d1373dbaf7a4a41208cd9d0671fdf15edb