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    Limit Key frame Intra modes checks. · f76f52df
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Most of the focus so far has been on inter frames.
    At high speed settings the key frame is now taking a high %
    of the cycles.
    This patch puts in some masking to reduce the number
    of INTRA modes searched during key frame coding (as already
    happens for inter frames) at higher speed settings
    TODO: Develop this further with either adaptive rd thresholds
    when choosing which intra modes to consider or some other
    At high speed settings on some clips the key frame was starting
    to dominate. In a coding of the first 50 frames of AKIYO at speed
    2 limiting the key frame intra modes to DC or TM_PRED resulted in
    ~30% overall speedup. For Bus the number was lower at ~4-5%.
    Change-Id: I7bde68aee04995f9d9beb13a1902143112e341e2
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