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libtheora 1.0 release (2008 November 3)

 - Merge x86 assembly for forward DCT from Thusnelda branch.
 - Update 32 bit MMX with loop filter fix.
 - Check for an uninitialized state before dereferencing in propagating
   decode calls.
 - Remove all TH_DEBUG statements.
 - Rename the bitpacker source files copied from libogg to avoid
   confusing simple build systems using both libraries.
 - Declare bitfield entries to be explicitly signed for Solaris cc.
 - Set quantization parameters to default values when an empty buffer is
 - Split encoder and decoder tests depending on configure settings.
 - Return lstylex.sty to the distribution.
 - Disable inline assembly on gcc versions prior to 3.1.
 - Remove extern references for OC_*_QUANT_MIN.
 - Make various data tables static const so they can be read-only.
 - Remove ENCCTL codes from the old encoder API.
 - Fix segfault when exactly one of the width or height is not a multiple
   of 16, but the other is.
 - Compute the correct vertical offset for chroma.
 - cpuid assembly fix for MSVC.
 - Add VS2008 project files.
 - Build updates for 64-bit platforms, Mingw32, VS and XCode.
 - Do not clobber the cropping rectangle.
 - Declare ourselves 1.0final to pkg-config to sort after beta releases.
 - Fix the scons build to include asm in libtheoradec/enc.

This matches the contents of the release tarball at
except for generated files, files not included in the distribution,
and svn keyword substitution.

It includes a bump of the release date to November 3 compared to
the svn tag, and does not include the x86state.c~ backup file
which is in the tarball.