Unverified Commit 693098f6 authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin
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Avoiding arithmetic on NULL pointer

Causes a warning with -Wnull-pointer-arithmetic and the code wasn't doing
anything anyway (the ctl call ignores NULLs)
parent d5a81362
......@@ -2036,8 +2036,6 @@ opus_int32 opus_encode_native(OpusEncoder *st, const opus_val16 *pcm, int frame_
info.signalType = st->silk_mode.signalType;
info.offset = st->silk_mode.offset;
celt_encoder_ctl(celt_enc, CELT_SET_SILK_INFO(&info));
} else {
celt_encoder_ctl(celt_enc, CELT_SET_SILK_INFO((SILKInfo*)NULL));
/* 5 ms redundant frame for CELT->SILK */
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