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opusfile version 0.5

The opusfile and opusurl libraries provide a high-level API for
decoding and seeking within .opus files on disk or over http(s).

opusfile depends on libopus and libogg.
opusurl depends on opusfile and openssl.

Changes since the v0.4 release:
 - Report HTTP (ICY) headers to client
 - New tag comparison and copy functions
 - New application decoding callback API for advanced clients
 - New dither disable function for advanced clients
 - constify API
 - Avoid clipping downmixing from a fixed-point decoder
 - Better practices for dual stack IPv6
 - Documentation improvements
 - Fix a unicode bug on Windows
 - Fix proxy user/password macros
 - Fix HTTP pipelining support detection

The library is functional, but there are likely issues
we didn't find in our own testing. Please give feedback
in #opus on or at

Programming documentation is available in tree and online