opusfile version 0.9

The opusfile and opusurl libraries provide a high-level API for
decoding and seeking within .opus files on disk or over http(s).

opusfile depends on libopus and libogg.
opusurl depends on opusfile and openssl.

Changes since the v0.8 release:
 - Fix an invalid free with tag handling.
 - Improve handling of corrupt streams.
 - Improve performance on streams with many chain segments.
 - Improve TLS host validation.
 - Align op_raw_total to work better with op_raw_seek.
 - Documentation and build improvements.

This release is backward-compatible with the previous
release. We recommend all users upgrade.

The library is functional, but there are likely issues
we didn't find in our own testing. Please give feedback
in #opus on irc.freenode.net or at opus@xiph.org.

Programming documentation is available in tree and online
at https://opus-codec.org/docs/