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    Make CONFIG_COLORSPACE_HEADERS public API changes unconditional. · 01d43e1f
    Tom Finegan authored
    Avoid changing the public API based on an experiment flag:
    - Remove aom_config.h include from aom_image.h.
    - Unconditionally include the existing API additions.
    - Add some missing doc comments (silences Doxygen warnings).
    - Return an error when using ctrl flags that require
      CONFIG_COLORSPACE_HEADERS when it's not enabled.
    - Move colorspace_headers to the correct section of configure.
    - Move CONFIG_COLORSPACE_HEADERS to the correct section of
    - clang-format style check appeasement
    Change-Id: I7b5d72c6f9f1a5561409d7813ba59180d98d8805