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    new-multisymbol: Don't signal ext-comp-refs probs · 037ee412
    David Barker authored
    Currently, when new-multisymbol and ext-comp-refs are
    both enabled, the comp_ref_type_prob and uni_comp_ref_prob
    arrays are forward updated in the compressed header, but
    their values are never used.
    We can save a tiny bit of space by not signalling the
    forward updates at all; as a side benefit, we can wrap
    the whole of read_frame_reference_mode_probs() in
    a #if !CONFIG_NEW_MULTISYMBOL block.
    Note: It seems the encoder already does this; I think
    the reason it doesn't cause mismatches is because we
    effectively pad the compressed header out to a full byte,
    and av1_diff_update_prob() reads a bit with a very high
    probability of being 0.
    Change-Id: Ia1fca05ee498609c98c7ea1f89578f6783357d7f
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