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    Assert no 8x4/4x8 partition for scaled references · 03a021a6
    Yaowu Xu authored
    This commit adds a new configure option:
    The purpose of the configure option is to provide information on known
    hardware decoder implementation bugs, so encoder implementers may
    choose to implement their encoders in a way to avoid triggering these
    decoder bugs.
    The WebM team were made aware of that a number of hardware decoders
    have trouble in handling the combination of scaled frame reference
    frame and 8x4 or 4x8 partitions. This commit added asserts to vp9
    decoder, so when built with above configure option, the decoder can
    assert if an input bitstream triggers such decoder bug.
    Change-Id: I386204cfa80ed16b50ebde57f886121ed76200bf